How We Work

     We connect growers to nonprofits who need their wholesome but unmarketable produce. We negotiate pricing for packaging, labor and shipping that maximizes the charitable funds and offsets the growers’ costs associated with donating. Our founder has placed greater than 200 million pounds of food that will feed hungry people instead of rotting in a landfill or in the field.     

     We are a for profit with the heart of a nonprofit. Our relationships with growers and traditional, for-profit purchasers earn us the credibility to offer innovative solutions that benefit everyone. About one-third of food grown in the US will never make it to the store because of the way it looks or a change in the market demand. This means lost profits for growers and missed opportunities for food banks and the people they serve.

hand with mushrooms


Farming can be a tough business sometimes leading to overproduction and unintended waste. Together we reduce waste, increase productivity and profits while serving the greater good.


We connect hunger-relief organizations nationwide with a unique marketplace created just for them. Through this network, nonprofits can acquire wholesome but unmarketable produce for pennies on the pound.

For Profits

Our team takes pride in matching the needs of our customers with the best growers and superior produce. These relationships drive the success for our non-profit marketplace.


We have built a network of professional and reliable independent carriers in one of the nation’s busiest and most productive agricultural regions.