Farming can be a tough business sometimes leading to overproduction and unintended waste. For every crop that’s planted there is a chance for great gain or great loss. Some years bring unusual weather that can impact a crop's yield and when it’s ready to be harvested. Depending on when a product is ready its price can vary greatly. At some point with every crop the market value drops below the grower’s cost to produce. When this occurs the growers have no choice but to plow their crops under and throw away their harvested produce in their packhouse coolers. In addition, during the picking and packing process many pieces of wholesome fruits and vegetables are “culled” or eliminated from sending to market because of minor blemish or a less than perfect shape. Farmer’s Choice helps growers overcome the cost associated with donating their wholesome but unmarketable fruits of their labor; together we reduce waste, increase productivity and profits while serving the greater good through the U.S. hunger-relief network.